Satori Capital is pleased to announce that FWT, LLC (“FWT”) completed a strategic business combination with Sabre Industries, Inc. that resulted in an outstanding outcome for all stakeholders.

Highlights of the FWT and Satori team’s accomplishments:

Customers—FWT has a 56-year track record of providing outstanding quality and personal customer service. Members of FWT’s leadership team will serve in similar roles in the combined business to ensure customers continue to receive the quality and service they rely on for their mission-critical transmission needs. In addition, customers will benefit from the more efficient systems, processes, and geographical presence that the combined entity offers.

Suppliers—Throughout Satori’s investment period, FWT deepened its transparent and trusting relationships with its suppliers. These unique and deep partnerships allowed the company more flexibility and scale in serving its customers. Those suppliers will now have access to a larger organization through which they can more easily impact the quality of product in end markets that are critical to the nation’s electricity infrastructure.

Employees—FWT created a welding school to challenge and enhance the skills of existing team members while developing reward programs that fostered a family culture. Consistent with a long-term perspective, FWT did not terminate employees during an industry downturn, thereby positioning it well for a significant increase in demand.

Community and Environment—FWT created hundreds of new jobs by opening a plant in a strategically important location (Ohio) and partnering with local governments to develop mutually beneficial programs. During the investment period, the company continuously reduced waste and per-pole environmental impact. In addition, FWT’s products frequently connect new sources of renewable energy to the electrical grid.

Investors—By emphasizing value creation for all stakeholders, FWT’s leadership team generated financial returns for Satori’s investors that substantially exceeded typical private equity returns and also achieved the impact of capital those investors seek.

FWT is a rapidly growing, industry-leading, sustainably run company that provides products or services to customers that enhance the community and environment. Its leadership team and board operate the company with a long-term perspective, an eagerness to preserve and enhance relationships with all of their stakeholders, and significant personal financial stakes in the business. THAT is a quintessential Satori investment!

We thank you for your support and encouragement, and we look forward to working together on similar investment opportunities. If you know a company that would benefit from our approach, please contact one of us.

Read a copy of the press release we issued today here.